when you're serious about performance


Because that’s what this Exercise is doing.

What Are Your Goals?

Check out the video. 

There’s a struggle here with the obliques and core stabilizers.  You can see it. And you’ll feel it when you try this move.  

But when I’m watching…

I’m watching for the athlete that needs good wrist mobility.  

An athlete who relies on their grip strength.

An athlete that isn’t going to improve unless we start correcting neural inputs.

Now watch the video again and focus on the left hand.

Why are those fingers flexed in order to reach?

Why does that left wrist extend to flex the shoulder?


How many places is that going to impede his game, lessen his power, change his stroke…

And long term, when that shoulder mobility decreases, the thoracic spine becomes overworked….all to make up for the improper biomechanics.

This video shows the need for corrections way beyond a weak core.

Ya gotta see it before you can fix it.

You’re fit, you work out hard, and you are relentless in pursuing your goals.


So how can this one simple  move be so tough?


Watch the video…

(then read below)

What did you notice?   You saw the balance issues right?

But do you know why?  If not, then you’re not going to be able to fix them.  And doing the same exercise over and over again is not going to teach your body how to change, how to adapt and how to correct.

NOPE.  It’s just going to reinforce the improper movement patterns.  You have to get to the root of the problem and create a better baseline biomechanics.


And that’s what’s so important – your baseline biomechanic pattern.  Like in this video, did you wonder why my client couldn’t put her arms against the sides of her body?

Why couldn’t she put her arms in a neutral position at the sides of her body?


If you think that’s not important,  think again.  Think about what’s so tight that the body has had to adapt from it’s neutral position.  Think about the loss of range of motion and the inability for the arms to ever truly rest.  All the extra energy you’re constantly using and the compensations required from the traps and the elbows to make up for this one biomechanic issue we were able to see if just a few seconds.

Now imagine, just a week or two later

after proper corrective strategies…

when those muscles have been taught how to lengthen and relax

Think about how relaxed your body would feel if it finally got to relax those muscles that haven’t been able to rest in weeks, months….possibly years.

The weak and neglected muscles now starting to integrate into proper movement sequences.  And your abilities, 

your potential,

is no longer limited by tightness you didn’t even know about.

You just knew you weren’t reaching your goals.


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