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You've Got Goals But It Takes More Than Hard Work To Get There

body alignment


But have you considered Your Movement Quality?

Probably Not! 

But you SHOULD.

Movement Quality is what’s key

to making a good serve great

turning a 2 km walk into a 10k run

changing a bogey into a birdie

That’s What is Possible when you learn EXACTLY what your Body Needs to Perform Better

If you’re like most high achievers, your dedication and work ethic are beyond reproach.


And when something isn’t working the way you want it to, 

you double down, 

push harder, and 

grind it out until you feel that incredible sense of accomplishment.


You understand that it’s rare – not everyone has the ability to push as hard as you do – and that’s what sets you apart.

Now what if I told you that your ‘never quit’ attitude is actually keeping you from reaching your goals?

Watch this video below.

So did you see it?

There’s a struggle for this athlete with core stability.  

You can see it. 

(And you’ll feel it when you try this move.)  


But what don’t you see? 



And more importantly, what’s this athlete missing in his workouts?

wrist pain when bending

I’m watching an athlete who’s unable to maintain a neutral wrist position during this test.

An athlete who relies on grip strength, but is falling short of his potential with this problem he didn’t even know he had.

An athlete who can easily improve performance when we correct the neural input dysfunction.

Now watch the video again and focus on the left hand.

Why are those fingers flexed in order to reach?

Why does that left wrist extend to flex the shoulder?



Consider how this movement is going to effect his game.

how it’s going to decrease power,  impede speed, and limit mobility

And when you’re thinking of longevity, your time doing what you love, it’s these kind of movement problems that lead to pain, weakness, and injuries.

There’s way more that needs help here than working on the core.

So, what if you’ve got a problem like this with your movement?


A problem that you might not even be aware of?


This can make the difference between good and great.

how is your movement quality

You've got Goals

Play Video


So BEFORE You tell me  working harder will bring you success, consider this.


I train amazing, dedicate athletes.  

I work with successful entrepreneurs who’s desire to succeed in sport  actually  exceeds their desire for success in business.

I work with cancer patients who are driven by the ultimate goal.  TO LIVE.  

For over 25 years, I’ve evaluated thousands of patients, treated thousands of clients, and  can see the desire in the eyes of those who will do what it takes to reach their goals.

Is that you?

Because if it is, you’re the hardest type of client to work with.

And that’s a good thing

That’s your willpower.


biomechanics training

But your willpower can’t help you recover from…

  • a muscle tear
  • surgery
  • ligament damage
  • stress fracture

No matter how hard you want to work, you cannot change time.

You can be aggressive, you can do EVERYTHING you should, but there’s a specific way the body heals and if you want to maximize recovery,  a specific progression for treatment.

So the question is


Because that’s what this Exercise is doing.


You’re fit.

You work out hard.

You are relentless in pursuing your goals.

So why is this simple move so tough?

Watch the video…(then read below)


Did you see the problems with balance?

Why did her foot keep moving?  And her knee?  And her pelvis?

Do you know why?  


If you don’t know what’s wrong, then you can’t fix it.

And doing the same exercise over and over again is not going to teach your body how to change, how to adapt and how to correct.


>>> It’s actually going to make the problems worse <<<


Repeating the same mistakes reinforces these movement patterns. 

Until they become automated and you don’t even realize there’s a problem



You have to get to the root of the problem.



It’s how you move – your signature – and you want it to be good.


Because better biomechanics takes away your pain

Because better biomechanics decreases stress on your joints and reduces your injury risk

Because better biomechanics improves your:

    • performance
    • agility
    • speed
    • recovery
    • energy
    • skill

and the list goes on.

You only have one body.  Taking care of this asset is essential.

But Don't Just Take My Word for It...

Evaluating core muscle firing and stabilization with YOU KNOW WHO!


body alignment djokovic

courtesy: Novak Djokovic Social Media

Look at that form!!!

Simple walking shows the posture created with foundational biomechanics training.

Athletes know that taking care of their body is essential not just for performance but to decrease their risk of injury and increase their longevity.

For decades, team sports have employed therapists as an essential requirement for their players. 

The number of tennis players that travel with their therapists to care for their body when they’re on tour is increasing rapidly.

Players know that mobility, stability, and strength are the foundational factors that keep them in top form.



Did you wonder why my client couldn’t put her arms against the sides of her body?

(go back and look at the kneeling video)

If you’re like most people, you might be thinking, “No big deal”.  

But I caution you on making that assumption.  Because these small changes in body biomechanics are what limit potential and performance.  

Think about what’s so tight that the body has had to adapt from it’s neutral position.  Think about the loss of range of motion and the inability for the arms to ever truly rest.  All the extra energy you’re constantly using and the compensations required from the traps and the elbows to make up for this one biomechanic issue we were able to see if just a few seconds.

Now imagine, just a week or two later

after proper corrective strategies…

when those muscles have been taught how to lengthen and relax

Think about how relaxed your body would feel if it finally got to relax those muscles that haven’t been able to rest in weeks, months….possibly years.

The weak and neglected muscles now starting to integrate into proper movement sequences.  And your abilities,  your potential

are no longer limited.

You knew you could reach your goals – your body just needed some coaching.

When You Sign Up for Your Biomechanics Analysis

You’re Going to have an Amazing and Eye Opening Experience that includes:

  • Complete Spinal Posture, Stability, and Mobility Assessment
  • The Complete Functional Movement Screen
  • (the exact testing used by the NBA, NFL, and NHL)
  • The Co-ordinated Upper Extremity Screen
  • Comprehensive Gait Analysis
  • Coordination & Balance Check
  • Lower Extremity Mobility & Stability Evaluation
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Sequencing

In case you’re thinking…”This sounds like EXACTLY what I need.  I’ve been spending so much time and energy without seeing the results I truly want.


What if it doesn’t work?  


DO NOT WORRY!  Cuz I’ve got you covered.

marian barnick guarantee


I understand that if you’re like most people that come to me, they’ve been burned in the past. And I can only give you my word and tell you that’s not going to happen here.

But  even that’s not enough. 

So I want you to know that is exactly why I’m including  a  No Questions Asked full money back  guarantee.

This means that for any reason you don’t like your Biomechanics Analysis all you have to do is email my customer service rep at and we will happily give you your money back and a thank-you. 

A thank-you for simply taking the time to give us a shot. 

And now you can invest in this program with confidence and piece of mind knowing that there is truly no way to ever be ripped off or burned because if this isn’t what you wanted we don’t want unhappy money.  So it’s with that reason that you can invest in yourself absolutely risk free.

I’m actually putting all the risk on me. And I will probably attract a few people that are going to sign up, complete the Biomechanics Analysis  and then ask for their refund. 

But that’s the risk I’m willing to take for my committed clients who may be on the fence because they’ve been burned before but are willing to take a chance on me.  To me, that risk is worth it.


The [3B] Biomechanics Analysis is an in depth assessment of your body’s abilities.  What’s you’re doing well (so don’t waste your precious time here) and what is holding you back (and needs your attention if you want better results).

You’re going to get transformative insight and powerful recommendations to Up Level Your Game.


There’s a Choice to Make.

Are you the type of person who sits back and waits?  Waits and hopes that your body – someday –  just magically corrects itself?


Are you the person who goes after your goals?  Someone who is willing to find out what’s needed to accelerate your performance.


It’s an easy choice and if you’re ready to work for your goals, I’m looking forward to working with you.