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Get Rid of Your Tight Neck Muscles and Feel Awesome in the Office

Are you spending more time in your office trying to massage your neck than getting  your work done?  Tight Neck Muscles not only limit your office productivity because you’re focused on pain instead of work, but can lead to permanent alignment problems.

And by noon, it doesn’t matter how you sit, how you adjust your monitor or how many breaks you take, those tight muscles are just getting worse.

At the end of the day you collapse on the sofa (or in bed!) praying for relief.

You CANNOT continue to work like this.  Let’s get your neck in alignment and teach you some amazing stretches to help get rid of the tightness and pain and help you maintain a great posture that’s pain free for the WHOLE workday.

Because you’d love to have a life after 5 PM.

Join me for this Online Body Alignment Workshop.  Because unless you start working on proper body alignment, there’s no ergonomic strategy that’s going to give you relief.

Sign up as spots are limited.


Sep 24 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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