Complete 2-3 times per day


Complete Daily


Once Every Other Day


Foot Alignment

Both feet aligned with heel and toes in proper position

Neutral Ankle

Don't let heel fall out of neutral

Body Alignment

In Standing and Sitting - ear over shoulder and shoulder over hip

You should feel the stretch or muscles working but not have pain while performing these exercises.

This stretches out the hip and glute area.

Lean slightly toward one side to increase the stretch.

Complete on both right and left sides.


Place neutral foot 2-3 inches from the wall with toes toward wall.

Bend knee forward to touch the wall aiming the knee toward the third toe.

Ensure the heel stays on the floor.

Complete three to five repetitions slowly and then try moving your foot slightly further from the wall and complete again.

Complete on both right and left sides.

For stability and core

Hold 30 seconds with neutral posture and work up to 60 seconds on each side.

See pictures below to ensure corrections for proper posture.


Put both heels on a bolster approximately 6 inches apart.

Pull right knee in toward your chest.  If necessary hold the knee position with your hands (as shown).

Push down onto bolster with left leg and raise your hips off  the ground.

Hold for 2 seconds, lower slowly.

Repeat 5 times on each side.  Increase to 10 times.


Stand in a split stance with neutral posture: toes and heels aligned, belly button facing forward, neutral pelvis.

Raise heel of the back foot with movement only through the toes, ankle and knee.  Maintain stability in all other areas.

2) Keep the front heel on the ground while raising and lowering the front of the foot.  Only move the front foot keeping the rest of the body stable.

Do not rotate the hips.

Complete 10 repetitions on each side for both exercises.

 Sit with a neutral posture, knees and hips at 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor.

Make sure feet are neutral with toes and heels aligned.

Keep knees stationary throughout the exercise.

Slowly raise the outside (lateral side) of the foot off the ground keeping the inside (medial) part of the foot including the big toe and heal in contact with the floor.

Slowly return the outside of the foot to the ground.

Repeat 5 times, switch feet and repeat for the other foot.

Maintain the same position as described above and lift the inside (medial) of the foot off the ground while  maintaining contact of the outside (lateral) portion of the foot including the heal and toe on the ground.

Repeat as outlined above.

Sit with neutral posture, ear over shoulder and shoulder over hip.

Ensure both feet are on the floor.

Raise one leg so that the outside left ankle is resting just above right knee.

Ensure maintenance of a neutral posture.

If possible, attempt to lower the left knee to increase the stretch.

If possible, lean forward – from the hips – to increase the stretch keeping a neutral spine.

Complete on both sides up to 3 times on each side.

Keep your hips and spine aligned.

Keep foot parallel to the ceiling/floor.

Push bottom of foot toward ceiling maintaining a neutral position and 90 degree bend at the knee.

Complete up to 10 times on both sides.

Sit with neutral posture: ear, shoulder and hips in alignment.

Keep arms at your sides, palms facing forward.

Slowly lift your foot off the ground raising  your knee toward your shoulder. 

Don’t let the knee move out of alignment. 

Keep the foot in a neutral, flat  position not flared or angled.

Repeat 5 times on each side working up to 10 times.