Because You Just Can't Keep Working with Tight Neck Muscles

tight neck muscles
Learn how to FINALLY relieve your neck pain

that’s not just a temporary fix.  Stop spending your days trying to work with one hand while the other hand  pokes and pinches at those cramped and tight neck muscles while you’re trying to be productive at work.

And what about having a life after 5 PM?

When you spend all your energy fighting pain and trying to get comfortable you’ve got no energy for yourself, your family, or fun!

tight neck muscles

For a fraction of the time and money it would cost you for treatment and massage (and not even considering your lost productivity) you’ll get:

Focused Neck Alignment Assessment

step-by-step evaluation of your cervical posture to determine your current alignment, where you’re muscles are pulling you out of neutral positioning, and how the imbalances are causing your pain and tightness to correct your imbalances to finally find a neck position that doesn’t cause pain

Your Perfect Position 

With the knowledge of what’s causing your pain, it’s now time to find your best position – the perfect position that you can maintain throughout your workday without increasing tightness, pain, and problems.

The 5 Focused Stretch Routine 

It’s the solution to your current tightness and can be used as a maintenance program once you’re feeling awesome in the office.  Most program’s only focus on the tight muscles.  The 5 Focused Stretch Routine relates specifically to your Body Alignment and creating the perfect positioning for a pain-free neck.


Limited Spots available to ensure focused attending.

This Workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve got tightness in your neck that just won’t go away
  • Your spending even more time at work because you can’t concentrate on work due to your neck pain
  • Going for treatment is too costly and not even available right now
  • You know you should be exercising – all the mental and physical benefits –  but with the pain and energy drain you just can’t get your butt in gear.
tight neck muscles

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tight neck muscles

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